This is Part Five of a five part series. (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four).

With at least one Wait Time success at the other three parks, we were looking forward to what Magic Kingdom may have in store for us. Morning virtual classes meant at best a noon arrival at Disney World’s original park. Thanks to a little ‘bus magic’ at our resort, we arrived fifteen earlier than expected.

Based on what we wanted to ride, Haunted Mansion had the shortest wait at 20 minutes. The line was intimidating switching back and forth and using the Liberty Belle queue as well. The wait was under the expectation. While in line we received an alert about Space Mountain, but by the time we arrived (20 minutes later), the line had increased again.

We grabbed lunch and then did two low wait attractions (Tea Cups and Under the Sea) trying to stay in the vicinity of Tomorrowland. We received our text about a 30 minute Space Mountain line and observed that it was MUCH shorter than what we had seen earlier with no queuing outside the building. In fact, we walked quite a way before we had to stop and were sitting in the coaster car in under 15 minutes.

Other than the quick blip at noon, we hit the lowest wait until after 5pm.

Based solely on proximity, we entered the Buzz Lightyear line which stated it was a 30 minute wait. Five minutes later we received an alert that Thunder Mountain (which was at a 65 minute wait) had dropped to 35 minutes. We exited the line and bee-lined to Frontierland. To our surprise, the wait time still read 35 minutes when we arrived. As a bonus, we ended up only waiting 27 minutes and the line didn’t get below this level until right before park close.

We were alerted to the biggest dip of the day and waited under half an hour.

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