As our myMousekepros guests use our tools, we monitor the successes and failures looking for improvements. Our first in park trial resulted in our clients joining boarding group 47. We had a few clients who were able to beat our tool to the punch and get a boarding group before we were able to do so.

After analyzing the results, we made some modifications to our service and I am happy to announce that we appear to have the process optimized. The last three groups who have used our Virtual Queue tool at the 10am boarding process have all joined boarding group #1 INCLUDING two separate groups today!

We cannot guarantee the first boarding group to our guests and issues can arise (like when Disney decided to implement a change to the My Disney Experience log in process), but we couldn’t be happier with our latest results.

While our myMousekepros tools are geared to the annual passholder, anyone can use our service. Monthly plans are $10 for two guests and $15 for up to six guests. Annual plans are also available.

Through October 31, use code GROUPONE to save $5 on your initial monthly payment.

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Fred Vinzant · October 23, 2020 at 10:48 pm

My family highly recommend mousekepros. They got us boarding group #1 today. Amazing! They also got us dinner reservations for Minnie’s Halloween Dine for dinner this evening. They have also gotten us park reservations when none were available. Takes away alot of stress when trying to get boarding passes. We will be using them for now on. Superb service for a fair price.

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