This is Part Three of a five part series. (Part One, Part Two, Part Four, Part Five).

Our day at Hollywood Studios started with joining boarding group #1 for Rise of the Resistance. We walked to the park from our resort arriving around 9:45 which allowed us to ride Smugglers Run and Rise back-to-back before 10:30. We decided to then experience Star Tours as the unofficial Star Wars Trifecta.

We had a quick lunch at Backlot express before hitting Toy Story Land and Oga’s Cantina then heading out of the park. My companion boarded the Skyliner for the first time and we stopped at Riveria to check out the mosaics. We continued to Epcot and walked back to our resort.

The plan for the afternoon was to use the Wait Time Tool, but we had to make sure we experienced Runaway Railway. As we arrived around 5:30, we decided than an hour wait was reasonable for the new headliner. The line for Slinky Dog Dash was still an hour, so we started to head toward the exit. Much to my surprise we received a text that the Slinky wait had dropped to thirty minutes, the shortest line of the day. We turned around and headed back to Toy Story Land arriving about ten minutes before close! Chalk up another win for the Wait Time Tool!

See the full video on Facebook.

Slinky was at or near an hour wait all day (except when it was non-operational); the red dot shows when we received the text.
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