Mousekepros is literally the best thing you could do for yourself and your family as you plan a Disney vacation. This was our 8th consecutive year coming to Disney and after scheduling our fast passes 60 days in advance my kids were devastated when I couldn’t get fast passes for the rides they wanted.

I contacted [Mousekepros] after [my friend] proclaimed they were magical but I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical. It was less than a week before our trip and there was no way we were getting on Seven Dwarfs or Slinky Dog.

Our family zipped through all four parks during Presidents week—one of the busiest times—and as we got off one ride...bing...my phone would show us the next ride to go on! It was truly magical. We navigated all four parks and rode every ride using fast passes!

Remember those rides my kids didn’t think they were riding? HA. Well, they rode them! And multiple times! It was the best Disney trip our family has ever taken.

I can’t thank Mousekepros enough. I am certain they will be part of all our future family Disney vacations! And they should be part of yours!

Kristina L
Brooklyn, NY

I have planned over 15 family trips to Disney over the years and have been through the multiple changes of the fast pass program. It has gotten increasingly tedious over the years and has been a huge time taker to manage during our trips & while in the park. I was offered an opportunity to try Mousekepros during our latest Disney vacation last week.

They linked to my Disney Experience app and were able to move around our fast pass times, if we requested, and get us new fast passes throughout the day. We communicated via text. As soon as we used our 3rd fast pass for the day, (literally right after scanning in at the entrance), I would text a request for our next few choices and within minutes, I would receive notification that we had a FP for our next ride. They were able to get us onto rides that I was unable to book 30 days out. It was fantastic! I highly recommend using them.

It was so nice to not take time away from my family during the days in the park trying to manage Disney's crazy system. Thank you Mousekepros for making our trip extra special and managing all our needs. We will definitely be using your services on our next Disney trip!

Renee M
Williamsville, NY

Mousekepros was an absolute game changer in helping us maximize our time at Disney. The team made our visits to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios seamless. In the 3 days that we visited the parks, we waited on only 6 stand-by lines, which was an absolute miracle given that we visited during the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. More importantly, we were able to ride at least 10-12 rides each day with Fast Passes procured by Mousekepros (including multiple rides at the most popular attractions where the average stand-by wait time was 80 to 140 minutes, gasp!).

The team was incredibly helpful leading up to our trip to Disney and very attentive and responsive while we were in the parks. We felt that we had Mousekepros' undivided attention despite the fact that the Mousekepros team was assisting several other groups in addition to us. I often felt the team were reading our minds -- I'd be ready to text them that we were ready for another FP, and one would appear before I could even hit send!

At one point during our trip, my 30-year old brother proclaimed, "This is like magic." And it was. We will absolutely use Mousekepros for all future Disney trips. We never want to return to a world before Mousekepros. Many many thanks Mousekepros!

Bethany L
New York, NY

We will never be traveling to Disney again without Mousekepros’ help! Before leaving, we feared the crowds that we would find over a holiday weekend and were worried we wouldn’t be able to get on any of our favorite rides.

Mousekepros did all our initial fast passes and all our passes while we were at the park... we rode everything we wanted with no stress or effort! It was automatically taken care of and we were able to focus on what was important...having some quality family time that we will always cherish and never forget! Mousekepros provided real-time coaching and guidance and made every park day perfect for us. Thank you so much Mousekepros!

Maria D
Boyds, MD

We just got back from our first ever Disney vacation. Going into it, the comment I heard the most was that we would be waiting in long lines in heat. So, when I heard from a cousin about this concierge service I jumped to sign up as fast as possible. We had a group of seven for a few days and a group of twelve the other days.

The Mousekepros were able to get us FastPass after FastPass on rides that I have heard were impossible to get fast passes on! The longest we waited was 25 minutes on a ride that we choose to go in between other fast passes. When our large party split into different parks, they continued booking passes for everyone in different places.

I was so happy to be able to enjoy my family in line and in the park and not have to be constantly on my phone booking rides. My husband was quite skeptical about paying for a service that we can do ourself, but at the end of the trip we all agree it was well worth it! Thank you Mousekepros for your Disney wisdom and tips throughout our visit! I won’t ever do Disney without you!

Teresa Z
Moon, PA

We made our first trip to Disney in July of 2019. As we researched the various parks, how they work, what it takes to optimize time, etc. it quickly became overwhelming. There is SOOO much information to process and plan and prepare for, that it takes the joy out vacation and turns it into a logistics project. Mousekepros was recommend to us and we eagerly signed up, knowing we needed some help.

What we got in return was a pretty EPIC level of effort and service and planning on the part of these pros. Our 5 day trip was filled with a number of curve balls, including closed rides, weather delays, dining requests, etc. and the Mousekepros team were on it EVERY SINGLE TIME. They did a remarkable job of continuously planning and adjusting our schedule to ensure that we maximized our time at the parks. While others were waiting in lines for hours and hours, we were able to stroll through on fast passes and optimize our travel times so we never felt either rushed or wanting for things to do.

I don't know how anyone could navigate these parks without Mousekepros. Their time, energy, excitement made the experience for us and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell anyone who would listen that these folks will help make your Disney vacation magical.

Mclean, VA

I can't tell you how valuable the Mousekepros Concierge service was to our trip! It saved us an enormous amount of time and frustration which made our trip that much more fun. We had a large group going to Disney World as a family vacation, 14 of us. Not all of us wanted to go on every ride, but, at times, all of us did. This service delivered. During one of the busiest and hottest times of the year, summer, the Mousekepros service kept us moving through the parks and on the best rides. When there were lines on some rides that stated 75 to 120 minute waits, our group went right on through . When we were finished with that ride, we went on another, without waiting. This Mousekepros concierge service added tremendous value to our park tickets by letting us take advantage of the best rides without waiting to get on the rides or in the show. It kept on adding fast passes to our experience as we would finish another ride. This service is so in-tune to the park layout that it would take your location into consideration for the next pass.

I was so impressed with Mousekpros service, upon returning I was telling my doctor about it since he was going to take his family in December, he immediately asked to sign up for the service. I'm sure he will be thanking me for referring this service when he returns from his trip. Thumbs up, this is a great one!

Donna D
Gaithersburg, MD

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent service Mousekepros provided. It was an incredible day by all accounts. Rise of the Resistance was an experience like no other in Disney - so cool! We didn't wait in line for the Millennium Falcon, so there's something to look forward to when we go back. Other than that, we were able to do everything - and Toy Story Mania twice! We will definitely be recommending the Concierge service to other friends and family!!

Joyce F
Boyds, MD

Although our family are ‘frequent flyers’ to Disney, we still found both the Planning and Concierge services invaluable for making our most recent trip a success. We were out of the country and in a different time zone during our FastPass window, so the Planning Service enabled us to still make our selections 60 days out even though we were not near a computer at the time.

Once on our vacation, the Concierge Services allowed the adults in our party to be more relaxed while in the parks, because we didn’t have to focus on our phones in queues looking for our next FastPass, and instead could be more present in the moment with the kids. Both services made the trip more enjoyable and stress-free, all while helping our family to fit in more attractions.

Amy S
Boyds, MD

I highly recommend this service. I have used them on my last two trips and they were able to secure all the fast passes I requested. The first trip was booked only 14 days out and I was able to still get my first choice: Flight of Passage, Seven Dwarfs and the Slinky Dog Coaster.

Kay R
Indianapolis, IN

We used Mousekepros over Thanksgiving break and their team literally made our Disney experience. Because of their help, we were able to get on every single attraction we wanted to through fastpasses and didn't have to wait in a single standby line. They navigated our experiences and let us know every step of the way where to go based on the rush. It was worth every cent and I would do it over every time. Best Disney concierge imaginable!

Seema Z
Chicago, IL

I really appreciate all of your efforts to maximize our Fastpasses. For (my daughter), it was simply the chance to get in as many E ticket rides in a day as possible. (My wife) was overwhelmed at the opportunity to walk-on to Pandora Flight of Passage twice in an afternoon.

Dave B
Gaithersburg, MD

Thank you so much for helping us throughout our Disney trip. We were able to navigate our way around the rides quickly and efficiently. We really appreciate you getting us our Fastpasses! It made our trip so much more fun.

Sibel J
Boyds, MD

All I Can say is wow!!! We are so beyond appreciative and impressed. We were at the parks on some of the craziest busiest days of the year. Not only did Mousekepros rearrange our fast passes to more convenient times but they got us several extra fast passes a day and at different parks We were also in close communication daily and we were always taken care of. We wish we would have used you guys on our previous trips. Thank you Mousekepros for being so awesome

Alecia C
Greenwood, IN

Working with Mousekepros made our trip to Disney World so much easier. We had been before with our 2 and 5 year old, but going back even 6 months later with their help made the planning process SO much better. Our concierge specialist gave great advice on planning which park and which day. He helped us get coveted dining like Be Our Guest and Cinderella's Royal Table. Best of all he was watching real-time when ride closures happened so he could shift our passes and never miss a beat! By texting with him, we felt taken care of and were able to enjoy the magic moments with our family rather than sweat over the what and the when. Highly recommend!

Stephanie M
Jersey City, NJ

I have arranged several trips to Disney in my own. This was my second trip using Mousekepros. We will never be traveling to Disney again without Mousekepros’ help! Before leaving, we feared the crowds that we would find over a RunDisney weekend and were worried we wouldn’t be able to get on any of our favorite rides.

Mousekepros did all our initial fast passes and all our passes while we were at the park... we rode everything we wanted with no stress or effort! It was automatically taken care of and we were able to focus on what was important...having some quality time together that we will always cherish and never forget! Mousekepros provided real-time guidance and made every park day perfect for us. Thank you so much Mousekepros!

Sabine C
Indianapolis IN

Mousekepros truly put the magic into Disney for us and our family.

Our Mousekepros concierge is literally my new best friend. He took the time to speak with me on the phone when I was first planning our trip and was always accessible during our time in the parks. As someone new to Disney, I had no understanding of the FastPass system or even really the ins and outs of each park. We had a short 2.5 days in Disney world with our 5 year old and 2 year old and my in-laws and with the help of Mousekepros’ advance advice and planning and most importantly with their day of service, we somehow magically squeezed in all four parks and *every* *single* *ride* and we wanted to experience - all with fast passes. By 6 PM on our magic kingdom day we got a text saying “we’ve done everything on your list. Anything else?” Meet Tinker Bell and Meet Mickey before fireworks? No prob.

Having Mousekepros is like having your own personal Genie in your pocket. You use a fast pass and magically get a text with your next one. No waiting on the app, no waiting in lines, no frustrated kids or husbands or in-laws! Just pure magic!

Can’t recommend them enough, besides that I KNOW we will be returning to Disney (thanks to Mousekepros making it seem almost too easy) and kind of want to keep them to myself - but that would be un-princess-like 🙂

Maria C
Brooklyn, NY

Probably one of the best services I have ever experienced. I am an annual pass holder and have never had such an amazing time prior to utilizing this service. Fast passes and dining were handled by Mousekepros I just had to say what I wanted to see or where I wanted to dine. To add to the amazement I was contacted throughout the day. Thank you Mousekepros!!!!!!

Dennis S
Palmetto, FL

I knew it was going to be cool but after having experienced the magic first hand and seeing their app in action I’m here to tell you...DO NOT GO TO DISNEY WORLD WITHOUT THEM!!!!!!

The service is seriously amazing. Not only can they provide pre-trip planning, they specialize in personal concierge service WHILE YOU’RE IN THE PARKS! I think that’s the best part. Fast passes galore! Your kids call an audible and decide they want to go on Space Mountain instead of Splash Mountain? Mousekepros is just a text away. They are constantly monitoring and searching and doing all of the work for you.

We had a group of 14 on our 6 day trip. We did EVERY RIDE AT EVERY PARK AND NEVER WAITED IN LINE!!! One day, after 8 of us rode Expedition Everest with fastpasses, my nephew loved it so much he begged to go again. A minute later and 6 in the group walked right back on! It was incredible to ride twice in less than 30 minutes while the folks in the stand-by line were waiting 95 minutes to ride once!

Don’t waste your vacation standing in lines or on your phone searching and failing to get fastpasses on the subpar Disney app. Let Mousekepros do the work for you so you can enjoy the time with your kids. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Kelly C
Arlington, VA

We are annual passholders, and we knew that our Christmas to New Year’s trip was during the busiest time of the year. When we missed the fastpass reservation window, we realized we would have to wait hours for high-demand rides (like Flight of Passage and the newly opened Slinky Dog rollercoaster) and maybe not get on others. The idea of lengthy waits or missing out on favorite rides was overwhelmingly stressful and disappointing.

We reached out to Mousekepros and they EXCEEDED our expectations! They were able to secure fast passes for not only the high-demand rides but also key time slots to meet preset dining schedules. We fully enjoyed our time in the parks STRESS-FREE at one of the craziest times of the year! Their concierge service was incredible and were even able to get us onto rides “on the fly!” On one day, we bumped into friends and Mousekepros was able to add them into our group of fastpasses—while we were standing in the park! We cannot thank them enough! We have been to Disney World countless times and this service stands out as the extra pixie dust to our trip!

We have already brought them in for our next visit! Choose Mousekepros for stress-free ride options—no preplanning necessary!

Kathy H
Boyds, MD

We recently took a trip to Disney World with our larger family of 7 (2 adults, 5 kids). We have been to Disney in the past and thought we were pretty savvy and knowledgeable when it came to booking fast passes. At the recommendation of a friend, we booked the concierge service through Mousekepros.

This turned out to be the best decision we made in planning our trip. Mousekepros allowed us to be present with our kids instead of constantly on our phones trying to find our next fast pass. Mousekepros also allowed us to maximize our time in the parks, getting us on rides we never thought we could get fast passes for including Slinky Dog, Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest, Rock N' Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, and Na'vi River Journey even with our larger group, which we never thought would be possible. Our kids are so spoiled after this trip thanks to Mousekepros because we did not have to wait for one ride during our entire 5 day trip!

Thank you Mousekepros for offering such a wonderful service that lets parents just enjoy their time with their kids instead of having to worry about all the waiting and planning/searching that we thought we would have to do. We said we will never visit Disney again without this concierge service as it just made an amazing family trip so much better than we could have imagined!

Emily T
Pittsburgh, PA

This service made our vacation! It was easy to use and the owners were extremely responsive. It was easy to register and set up. The offer of text reminders was invaluable!

We were able to ride every ride but 2 in Magic Kingdom. The text messages kept us on track and were invaluable to creating a stress free visit to the parks. This service truly took all of the stress out of our day and allowed four us to move through the parks and hit our favorite rides--without having to stop and use data to try and find out what other rides were accessible.

We are so thankful for this and will be using it when we go back Summer of 2019!

Autumn M
Point of Rocks, MD

We used this service for our trip over Thanksgiving last week and loved it. The concierge specialist was amazing to work with. He was very responsive and made our trip a breeze. We waited in zero lines and did only fastpasses. He was able to secure us seats on the rides we requested and made our Disney World trip simply awesome. I would highly recommend anyone going to Disney World to use their services!

Amina M
Houston, TX

We had a great day! I cannot thank you enough for how easy you made this for us. Your help was invaluable. With this service we did Magic Kingdom in one day, saw everything and barely waited in line. Did I mention it was during spring break too?

Tammy D
Urbana, MD

Great service! We were able to get fast passes to all the rides we wanted, and barely needed to think about doing anything which allowed us to fully enjoy our vacation. I would definitely recommend for others who are planning trips to Disney world.

Julianne M
Washington, VA

Mousekepros helped us with our trip to Disney in January, and it made all of the difference. We got amazing fast passes and crucial advice on how to handle to park with a 1 and 5 year old. I highly recommend their services!!

Kristi B
Baltimore, MD

Hiring the services of Mousekepros Concierge service for our Disney World trip turned out to be one of the best decisions we made for this trip. Our family was able to enjoy the trip without the hassle of being on the phone on the look out for more FP. Their concierge specialist was on it all the time throughout our 3 day trip and did an amazing job to find us FP as per our priority list or last moment additions and repeats we wanted him to find for us. Thank you. Definitely worth it.

Harish C
West Des Moines, IA

If you are going to take a trip to Disney, you’ve got to check out Mousekepros. Not only are they super nice but they will MAKE your Disney trip. They arrange all of your fast passes, even extra ones while you are IN THE PARK! We did not wait in any line for more than 20 min. or so. This includes the #1 ride in all the four parks.

My husband did not want to go to Disney because of the horror stories other parent's had told him. At the end of the trip he was already talking about our next trip. Thank you so much! We will be using Mousekepros again for sure.

Corrine H
Frederick, MD
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