We are thrilled to provide our report on the myMousekepros tools used by our clients during the month of February. In each case, it is a new record for the myMousekepros subscription service.

Virtual Queues

Even though February is a short month, we saw a 50% increase in the number of virtual queue joins over the previous month (which was also a record). In total, 65 guests were able to ride Rise of the Resistance using the myMousekepros Virtual Queue Tool. Our success rate for the month was 96%. We did research the instance we were unsuccessful and identified the cause. We now have measures in place to minimize the chances of the same thing happening to guests in the future. For the year we have placed 108 guests into boarding groups.

Dining Matches

We also saw a surge in dining requests throughout the month which resulted in our Dining Finder texting our clients with 103 matches. The most popular matches were:

  • Be Our Guest – 13 matches
  • Oga’s Cantina – 10 matches
  • Yak & Yeti – 9 matches
  • Hollywood & Vine – 7 matches
  • Topolino’s Terrace – 7 matches
  • Mama Melrose – 6 matches
  • Sci-Fi Dine In – 5 matches
  • Beaches & Cream – 5 matches

Additionally we found 2 matches to Savi’s Workshop

Park Passes

Our park pass tool is generally used by our Passholder members, but we were able to secure 30 park passes during the month. We booked 12 guests to Epcot, 10 to Hollywood Studios and 8 to Magic Kingdom.

Wait Time Alerts

Our Wait Time Tool started to gain some steam later in the month. We did have quite a few last minute (and even intraday) signups and many of these clients may not have been aware of this tool. We did send 19 alerts and Test Track and Slinky Dog had the highest number of alerts.

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Wendy Hoot · April 29, 2021 at 3:37 pm

Do you do alerts for Savi’s?

    Erick · May 19, 2021 at 6:12 pm

    Yes we do!

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