If you had ever been to the theme parks in the heat of the summer or during the holidays, you MAY have had a negative experience. Crowds can definitely lead to frustrations whether related to dining, experiences or attractions. While our FastPass+ solution solved much of this, just navigating your way from ride to ride could be frustrating.

Just under two years ago, Disney introduced it’s date based ticket system in hopes to help control this. Park ticket prices would fluctuate based on the days of use, so New Years Eve/Day would cost more than a random Wednesday in February. This was a theoretical win-win for Disney as they could still generate the same ticket revenue while lowering the number of guests. Park capacity really wasn’t affected much either due to peoples willingness to pay more, and annual passholders being able to enter any day they want.

Then came COVID-19 and the REQUIREMENT to significantly reduce capacity at the parks. To eliminate turning guests away at the gates, Disney developed the Park Pass system. With this, they allocate a certain number of admissions to each park within the resort, ticketed guest and annual passholder guests. Essentially, those paying to stay at the resort or buying an expiring ticket are guaranteed entry, but passholders are not. To Disney’s credit, as they’ve determined that the resort and ticketed guests would not utilize all of their allocated spots, they have increased the number of passholder Park Passes available.

We saw the following quote recently in a BlogMickey article:

“The technology doesn’t only help us during a time of a pandemic, but I also think it actually leads to a better cast and guest experience. So these are things that are helping us now, but I think they’re here to stay.

Josh D’Amaro, Disney Parks Chairmain

This is where myMousekepros comes to the rescue of the annual passholder. Our tools will continuously search availability and book Park Passes for your group when they become available (assuming you have entitlements available).

In the last week or so, we’ve had two subscribers use our Park Pass tool. Take a look at their results and judge for yourself if our system works:

The “W” family:

  • On 8/29 booked Hollywood Studios for 8/29
  • On 9/1 booked Hollywood Studios for 9/11
  • On 9/3 booked Hollywood Studios for 9/4
  • On 9/4 booked Animal Kingdom for 9/5
  • On 9/6 booked Magic Kingdom for 9/12

And the “P” family:

  • On 8/30 booked Hollywood Studios for 9/1
  • On 9/2 booked Hollywood Studios for 9/6
  • On 9/2 booked Hollywood Studios for 9/10
  • On 9/3 booked Epcot for 9/4

Each family has booked four Park Passes in a week’s time. Many of them were for admission within four days. This certainly is better than using an entitlement to book a Saturday in November for Hollywood Studios (the next available Saturday).

If you are interested in the myMousekepros service, send us a message at passholder@mousekepros.com. We are also able to book Walt Disney World vacations, and our clients get free access to myMousekepros. Annual passholders or off-site guests can go directly to the myMousekepros website to subscribe.

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