It’s been about two weeks since we introduced our new service and I’m happy to announce that we’ve had a lot of success with our current subscribers. While the subscriber base is very small, those who have used our tools have so far been impressed.

Rise of the Resistance

We were able to do a tremendous amount of testing prior to the launch of myMousekepros, and everything led us to believe that with a guest in the park that the tool would work. We’ve had three separate tests, each of them very unique. In the three tests:

  • We joined a boarding group for two guests.
  • We couldn’t join for two guests because one of them was not in the park.
  • The guest was able to join a boarding group before our system tried; we sent a text to the guest at 10:00:09 (nine seconds after opening) alerting them to this fact.

We still have one $25 e-gift card bonus available to the next new subscriber who tests our Virtual Queue Tool.

Park Passes

Our Park Pass Tool was developed a few days after Walt Disney World introduced the new process. While we ran several scenarios with a tremendous amount of success, we did want to report on Hollywood Studios Park Passes that “real” guests have been able to book using out tool:

  • On 8/28, booked passes for 2 guests for 8/29 (next day).
  • On 8/29, booked a pass for 1 guest for 9/1 (two days).
  • On 9/1, booked passes for 2 guests for 9/11 (ten days).
  • On 9/2, booked a pass for 1 guest for 9/6 (four days).
  • On 9/2, booked a pass for 1 guest for 9/10 (eight days).
  • On 9/2, booked passes for 2 guests for 9/4 (two days).


Concierge clients are familiar with our dining offering, but with myMousekepros we put the tools into your hands. Reservations have been hard to come by, especially “prime” times and desirable restaurants. We have had a few matches found recently for searches that were running for two weeks:

  • Homecomin’ for 2 guests at 7pm on 10/2
  • Be Our Guest for 2 guests at noon on 9/27

If you are interested in the myMousekepros service, send us a message at We are also able to book Walt Disney World vacations, and our clients get free access to myMousekepros. Annual passholders or off-site guests can go directly to the myMousekepros website to subscribe.

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