Where do I begin? Mousekepros is literally the best thing you could do for yourself and your family as you plan a Disney vacation.

This was our 8th consecutive year coming to Disney and after scheduling our FastPasses 60 days in advance my kids were devastated when I couldn’t get FastPasses for the rides they wanted.

It just so happened that my friend had come back from Disney and told us about Mousekepros. I contacted her concierge specialist after she proclaimed he was magical but I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical. It was less than a week before our trip and there was no way we were getting on Seven Dwarfs or Slinky Dog.

After a brief chat, he quickly convinced me that he could help so I signed up. Literally, the BEST decision I made!

Our family zipped through all four parks during Presidents week—one of the busiest times—and as we got off one ride…bing…my phone would show us the next ride to go on! It was truly magical. We navigated all four parks and rode every ride using fast passes!

Remember those rides my kids didn’t think they were riding? HA. Well, they rode them! And multiple times! It was the best Disney trip our family has ever taken.

I can’t thank Mousekepros enough. I am certain they will be part of all our future family Disney vacations! And they should be part of yours!

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