Mousekepros truly put the magic into Disney for us and our family.

Our Mousekepros concierge is literally my new best friend. He took the time to speak with me on the phone when I was first planning our trip and was always accessible during our time in the parks. As someone new to Disney, I had no understanding of the FastPass system or even really the ins and outs of each park. We had a short 2.5 days in Disney world with our 5 year old and 2 year old and my in-laws and with the help of Mousekepros’ advance advice and planning and most importantly with their day of service, we somehow magically squeezed in all four parks and *every* *single* *ride* and we wanted to experience – all with fast passes. By 6 PM on our magic kingdom day we got a text saying “we’ve done everything on your list. Anything else?” Meet Tinker Bell and Meet Mickey before fireworks? No prob.

Having Mousekepros is like having your own personal Genie in your pocket. You use a fast pass and magically get a text with your next one. No waiting on the app, no waiting in lines, no frustrated kids or husbands or in-laws! Just pure magic!

Can’t recommend them enough, besides that I KNOW we will be returning to Disney (thanks to Mousekepros making it seem almost too easy) and kind of want to keep them to myself – but that would be un-princess-like 🙂

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