As avid fans of Disney World (our family has traveled to the parks at least a dozen times), we consider ourselves fairly knowledgeable (and dare I say mild experts) at navigating the parks. We asked ourselves, how could a trip to Disney get even better?

Enter Mousekepros, which was an absolute game changer in helping us maximize our time at Disney. Erick and his team made our visits to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios seamless (not to mention they were fun to work with). In the 3 days that we visited the parks, we waited on only 6 stand-by lines (that’s right, 6 total standby lines in 3 days — note that we chose to queue in these lines before the parks got crowded each morning), which was an absolute miracle given that we visited during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve (typically one of the most crowded times of the year, if not THE most crowded time of year). More importantly, we were able to ride at least 10-12 rides each day with Fast Passes procured by Mousekepros (including multiple rides at the most popular attractions, such as Space/Splash/Thunder Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Toy Story Mania, Slinky Dog Coaster, Tower of Terror, where the average stand-by wait time was 80 to 140 minutes, gasp!).

Erick and his team were incredibly helpful leading up to our trip to Disney and very attentive and responsive while we were in the parks (including assisting us during our early arrivals to, and late departures from, the parks). We felt that we had Mousekepros’ undivided attention despite the fact that the Mousekepros team was assisting several other groups in addition to us. I often felt Erick and his team were reading our minds — I’d be ready to text him that we were ready for another FP, and one would appear before I could even hit send! Furthermore, Erick’s guidance on navigating the new Star Wars’ Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios, which includes his impeccable due diligence on the just opened (and insanely popular) Rise of the Resistance ride, was superb. Without his expert advice, we wouldn’t have been able to secure a digital boarding group to ride such a top-notch attraction.

At one point during our trip, my 30-year old brother proclaimed, “This is like magic.” And it was.

We will absolutely use Mousekepros for all future Disney trips. We never want to return to a world before Mousekepros. Many many thanks, Erick & team!

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