In the latest episode of “The Magic Weekly” on the Mickey Views YouTube channel, the lead question comes from Mousekepros (at the 2:25 mark)! We are big fans of Brayden and are excited that he addressed our question about his thoughts and predictions for the virtual queue or FastPass for Mickey’s Runaway Railway come March 4.

Check out the episode:

Brayden also has some thoughts on FastPass in general. Some of his quotes about the limiting nature of FastPasses at Walt Disney World:

  • “Almost all of the good FastPasses are already all booked up 60 days in advance”
  • “Once you choose one good ride, you can’t get a FastPass for any of the other good rides”
  • “The day of, when you look at the FastPasses… the FastPasses are bad.”
  • “How many FastPasses realistically do you need?”

Those who have used Mousekepros Concierge know what we are able to do for our clients. We certainly have booked premier rides within 60 days. Day of we have obtained multiple tier ones for our clients the day of. And, realistically, I need all of the FastPasses I can get. I think Brayden may want to investigate what Mousekepros Concierge has to offer!

Mousekepros loves Brayden and Mickey Views… check him out on YouTube!

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