We know several people who have taken advantage of “free dining” at Walt Disney World, but our family has NEVER purchased any dining plan. Either we haven’t been to the resort during these incentives or the room only discount was superb. Note that we often have “Tables in Wonderland” which gives us 20% off at table service restaurants.

While doing some research for my upcoming trip one night trip, I saw that many of the offerings at the Food and Wine Festival booths can be redeemed for a snack credit. Also, in 2019 the dining plan meals also include an alcoholic beverage option for guests 21 and over. With this information in hand and knowing that I wouldn’t be eating at any table service restaurants this trip, I began doing some investigation about how much value I could get out of the plan.

The Quick Service Dining Plan includes two “quick service meals” and two “snacks” per night plus a refillable resort mug. Disney charged me an additional $53.90 to include this plan onto my reservation. Here’s how I “plan” to use my plan (note that the price includes tax):

10/1LunchDocking Bay SevenBraised Shaak Roast
Gold Squadron Lager
10/1SnackAmerican PavillionLobster Roll$8.79
10/1SnackCanada PavillionFilet Mignon$8.79
10/2LunchBe Our GuestFrench Dip Sandwich
Stella Artois

The grand total that I would have to pay out of pocket for these items is $80.13, a full $26.23 more than what the dining plan has cost me. Plus there’s the refillable mug which is $20.22 (regardless of length of stay, so not a great deal for a single night stay). Looking forward to actually trying this plan out next week!

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