It is hard to dispute the claim that Flight of Passage is the best ride at Walt Disney World.  Since it opened in March of 2017, it has been one of the toughest FastPasses to get, even when booking at sixty days.  And with wait times averaging triple digits and often nearing three hours, it’s apparent that thousands of guests are willing to stand in long lines to experience this attraction. 

For those who’ve been told to rope drop FOP, just think about what that requires.  You probably need to arrive at the park at least forty minutes before park open which means you are getting out of bed an hour before that.  Once you are in the park, you are still looking at least a thirty minute standby time.  That’s just not the way I want to spend my time on vacation. 

Because of that, I have never been in the standby line for Flight of Passage.  And unless the wait time magically shrinks to thirty minutes while I’m at Animal Kingdom, I probably never will.  The reason is simple, I’m not going to spend my Disney vacation standing in line. 

If your vacation planner couldn’t get FastPasses for you and rope drop isn’t appealing, then what is the alternative?  Two words: Mousekepros Concierge.  We have an amazing track record getting our clients intraday FastPasses for Flight of Passage (amongst other headliner attractions).

Last week we were able get a group of NINE intraday FastPasses with overlapping return times.  Yes, I said NINE.  I’m unsure, however, if I am supposed to say nine “Flights of Passage” or nine “Flight of Passages.”  Either way, this large group got to ride and avoided the standby line. 

Mousekepros Concierge is your virtual VIP tour guide helping you while you are IN THE PARKS.  We help to minimize the wait and maximize the magic. 

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