The toughest FastPass+ at Animal Kingdom is undoubtedly Avatar Flight of Passage. This ride typically has 2-3 hour waits all day long and FastPass+ are hard to come by even at the sixty day mark.

We have a group of ten at Animal Kingdom today. Since Flight of Passage wasn’t available when they did their planning, they had scheduled Na’vi River Journey for the entire group.

Once they entered the Na’vi queue, we began searching for Flight of Passage. As Dr. Stevens might say, “thanks to science, our concierge service hit the mother load”:

Yep… we obtained NINE FastPasses for Avatar Flight of Passage with overlapping return times. The return time was roughly ninety minutes after the booking which was great as this wait time was during their advanced dining reservation.

While there’s never a guarantee, our concierge services have a track record of obtaining some of the toughest FastPasses without you doing having to do any work.

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