Annual Passholders have been finding it difficult to secure Park Passes. If you look at the calendars below, you can see how few days have availability for all four parks and this is AFTER Disney did a reallocation to take spots reserved for resort guests and move them into the Passholder pool.

Passholders are only allowed to hold three Park Passes at any given time. So, if you had a September 1, September 8 and September 15 Park Pass, you cannot get another one unless you cancel or use a Park Pass. While this has some frustrated, we offer the Leap Frog method utilizing our my Mousekepros Park Pass Procurement tool.

In our example, I started with no Park Passes for a group of two who is interested in Hollywood Studios on any Saturday or Sunday into September. The Park Pass calendar shows no Passholder availability for these dates.

Our approach is to search until we book two dates and then modify our search to look for dates earlier than the later of the two dates booked. Once the third is booked, we will cancel the latest of the three Park Passes again looking for a date earlier than the later of the other two.

We started our search at 10am on August 18. Just after 11am, we booked our first Hollywood Studios Park Pass.

About four hours, another Park Pass for our duo was booked for September 6:

Around 7pm, the third Studios Park Pass was acquired. This one even earlier than the other two.

The next morning with three Park Passes in hand, I decided to cancel the September 13 Pass and look to book something before September 6. On a whim, I decided to add a request for the next day (8/20) not really expecting to get one. To my surprise, that request for tomorrow resulted in a match around lunchtime:

Continuing our Leap Frog Method, I decided to cancel the September 6 Park Pass and look for anything before August 30. We had a another booking before 7pm:

So even though August is “sold out” of Hollywood Studios Park Passes, I was able to secure three separate dates within 36 hours. I will also be able to book another date as soon as I redeem “tomorrow’s” Pass.

For more information on “my Mousekepros,” fill out our contact form or send a message to:


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