NOTE: In this series of blog posts, we are dispelling the myth that free vacation planners provide the same service as Mousekepros. There is value in having a vacation planner, and those that offer services at no additional cost to you are beneficial, but they do not provide the same service that we provide.

It’s been wonderful to hear feedback from our clients while they are on vacation. This reinforces the value that we believe we provide to everyone who enlists Mousekepros for our concierge services. We also like to read social media posts from those same clients talking about what a relaxing, stress free, fun and fantastic trip to Walt Disney World they had. Almost without fail, however, we will read a comment from one of their friends who is a Disney vacation planner stating that “I do that for free.”

There’s (generally) two things that are either incorrect or misleading about that statement. First, this work is not being done for free. Secondly, the planner is NOT providing the same services as Mousekepros. Let’s discuss the “for free” aspect.

Vacation planners are compensated by way of a commission from Disney for handling your vacation booking and planning needs. Disney thereby does not have to provide their own staff to handle your trip. So, a more accurate representation is that they are providing planning services at “no additional cost to you.” This comes with a few caveats, however.

Caveat #1 – this offer is NOT valid unless you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel. It’s pretty easy to see why this is true. If you aren’t staying on Disney property, then you aren’t booking a Disney package and Disney isn’t paying a commission.

Caveat #2 – this offer is NOT valid if you booked your vacation yourself and you have already paid in full. If Disney has already been paid in full, they have no reason to pay out a commission to a travel agent.

Caveat #3 – this offer is NOT valid if you booked your vacation yourself more than 30 days ago. Disney essentially has a grace period where they allow a travel agency to take “ownership” of the reservation and still receive the commission.

Mousekepros services are available to anyone on a Walt Disney World vacation. The level of service and the price is the same regardless of staying in a Disney hotel, an off site hotel, vacation villa, etc.

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