So you missed your FastPass+ booking window and when you get around to looking at availability it’s not surprising that Flight of Passage, Slinky Dog Dash and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are no where to be found. To be honest with you, this may have been the case even if you would looked at 7am on opening day.

So what can you do? You could certainly check back periodically or maybe you just resign yourself to long standby lines. Well, it’s never too late to use our Planning Service to hunt down hard to find FastPass+.

We recently began working with a new client who will be at Walt Disney World next week with a party of seven. They were able to get late in the day Na’vi River Journey and Frozen Ever After FastPass+ for their party, but none of the “Big Three.”

Since we started searching for them on May 5, we’ve been able to get FastPass+ for Mine Train for all seven of them on two different days (note that the times were not all overlapping). In fact, just today we hit the trifecta for Mine Train for 5/15:

In a span of less than two minutes, we booked seven Mine Train FastPass+ with five of them at overlapping times! We are continuing to look to move the other two to the overlapping window as well.

It took nearly almost a week of searching day and night, but our Planning Service was able to book these for our client. While we haven’t hit on Slinky or Flight of Passage yet, we will continue to look for them. If we are unable to find them before their first day, we will transition them to Concierge Services.

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