There is a tremendous amount of anxiety around the 7am booking window. You have to get up early, make sure you are logged in and ready to start making selections without hesitation. And if you’ve done this yourself, you know that there could be many attractions that already have absolutely no availability by the time you are able to book. In fact, everyone with a vacation starting a day or more before your vacation may have already taken the cream of the crop.

We’ve often wondered how most people (or their planners) would react to the situation that we had today. At the 7am booking window for our party of five, the only availability for Slinky Dog Dash was at 6:50pm. Would you (or your planner) have booked that return time? If you answered yes, then the best case that you would have for getting a fourth FastPass would be nearly ten hours after the park opened. Our philosophy is to book your first three fastpasses within your first four hours that you will be in the park. We did not book the FastPass.

Three minutes later, there was no availability the entire day for a party of five for Slinky. Did we blow our chance? Hardly. At Mousekepros we don’t just look for FastPasses at 7am the day of your booking window. We literally search 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in attempt to put together the best plan for you. We may book and rebook a dozen times in 60 (or 30) days prior to your arrival. Whatever it takes to optimize the plan for you.

As it turned out, our patience was rewarded. At 5:36pm we booked Slinky Dog Dash for five with a return time of 11:40am, saving over seven hours of FastPass availability for our client. That’s the power of Mousekepros Concierge.

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