I’m a big viewer of several Disney World vloggers and web (pod) casts. I’ve been watching the Dis Unplugged for several years and got a chance to speak to a few of the personalities when I was at Topolino Terrace in December. They do a great job with their resort and restaurant reviews and I do find some good information on their weekly shows. Note that this show (and their YouTube channel) is affiliated with their travel agency.

Their January 21 show discussed “Last Minute Trips” to Disney World. Note that they defined last minute as “60 days in advance” (as they were discussing a late March arrival). Compare this to our AVERAGE lead time of three weeks for clients in 2019. I found several of their suggestions and comments interesting, yet not surprising regarding planning a “last minute trip”:

  • “You can’t really have your fastpasses. They’re probably all gone. Maybe the restaurants are gone.”
  • Regarding FastPasses: “Take what’s available.”
  • “Manage [your] expectations right up front because [you’re] not gonna get what [you] want.”
  • “Maybe it’s not about riding all the rides.”
  • Regarding acquiring (overlapping) FastPasses: “it’s sloppy and stressful. It’s obnoxious, it’s aggravating and it takes a lot of work.”
  • “Stand in the regular queue. A 40 minute wait is not a big deal.”
  • “When planning a last minute trip, your motto needs to be: ‘be flexible.”

The one suggestion that they left out was “Contact Mousekepros.” Our clients can dispel many of those myths. We eliminate the stress. We won’t tell you to wait in a 40 minute long (or longer) line. We have an outstanding track record of not only acquiring FastPasses, but the ones for the premier attractions whether you book 6 months or 6 hours in advance of your vacation.

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