NOTE: In this series of blog posts, we are dispelling the myth that free vacation planners provide the same service as Mousekepros. There is value in having a vacation planner, and those that offer services at no additional cost to you are beneficial, but they do not provide the same service that we provide.

Now that we’ve dealt with the “free” aspect, let’s talk about the “that.” A vacation planner is comparing their advanced FastPass+ booking and dining reservations to the Mousepros Concierge offering. We certainly do both of those as part of our service, but we take it to the next level.

If you wanted to eat at a certain restaurant and there was no availability at the time the planner looked, then the response will be that a reservation couldn’t be made. Mousekepros has a Dining Finder tool that will text you a link to book if a spot becomes available. If there are no FastPass return times available with your planner looked, then you won’t get that attraction. Mousekepros continues to look all day, every day for availability and will automatically book the FastPass when a match is found.

But once your vacation begins is where the differences really become apparent. We sent information requests to a few planners regarding what they offer while you are in the parks. All of the planners quoted here offered “text messaging services” while in the parks. At Mousekepros, we offer text messaging to all of our clients which will allow them to ask for additional FastPasses, touring advice (ride, show, parade, fireworks), quick service dining recommendations, table service restaurant booking, etc. Here are the responses we received:

“Our texting feature offers the ability to ask questions to the agent that are not easily asked to a cast member while in the parks.”

“We are available during a clients trip if they need assistance with that they cannot rectify themselves.”

“Waiting for a third party to respond to a FP request or dining request can result in the loss of availability for preferred attractions or dining locations.”

“We do not offer continual FastPass options once on property.”

So when it comes to the statement “we do that for free,” believe us when we tell you that the planner is not doing what we are doing. The experience you have in the parks is what matters on your vacation and as your virtual VIP tour guides we are with you every step of the way.

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