Today we embarked on a simulation of our Wish List feature which is still in development. In this experiment, we set up a party of two who was touring Magic Kingdom and set up a prioritized list of seventeen attractions. This feature automatically books the highest priority FastPass it can find and then looks for upgrades. When the FastPass window opens, it stops searching, monitors the FastPass for redemption and then starts searching again.

Without further ado, here are the results of the run:

AttractionFastPass Return Time
1Peter Pan’s Flight9:35 am
2Big Thunder Mountain Railroad9:35 am
3Space Mountain10:10 am
4Jungle Cruise10:15 am
5Haunted Mansion10:55 am
6Splash Mountain (turned into “any time”)11:45 am
7Buzz Lightyear12:00 pm
8Pirates of the Caribbean12:25 pm
9Tomorrowland Speedway12:40 pm
10Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh12:55 pm
11“it’s a small world”1:15 pm
12Dumbo1:30 pm
13Barnstormer1:45 pm
14Under the Sea2:15 pm
15Magic Carpets2:30 pm
16Mad Tea Party2:45 pm
17Seven Dwarfs Mine Train3:25 pm

For the simulation we deleted the FastPass (to return it to the population for booking) which simulated our redemption. Situations like the first two FastPasses having the same time are an instance where we “redeemed” the first FastPass in the grace period before the window opened. (Note that you are allowed to redeem a FastPass five minutes before the window and up to fifteen minutes after it ends.) Splash Mountain was not operational when the FastPass was active, so it turned into an “Any Time” for later use.

There was obviously a fair amount of traversing back and forth (Thunder to Space to Jungle and Buzz to Pirates to Speedway). We envision that most groups will only have five or six items in the wishlist which inherently minimizes this. We do not foresee taking proximity into consideration on our selection process, after all you have a minimum of an hour to get to any attraction.

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