One of the most powerful strategies used by our Concierge service is “splitting” your party into multiple FastPass groups with overlapping return times. As an example, we may want to book a party of six for Space Mountain. If there isn’t availability for all six, we may book four people returning 10:20-11:20 and book the other two from 10:40-11:40. This effectively lets all six people ride together from 10:40-11:20.

To understand how this works, it’s helpful to understand a little bit of FastPass math. Every attraction has a “capacity per hour” (cph). This can vary wildly… the Magic Carpets of Aladdin has a much lower capacity (500 per hour) than Space Mountain (1800). The next component is the FastPass rate (fpr). Theoretically the rate could be different for each attraction. Insiders speculate that the rate is somewhere between 50 and 70%. If we multiply the two together we get the number of FastPasses allocated per hour. For Space Mountain, it may be a number around 900. So for any given hour, there are 900 FastPasses available.

“But what is that twelve?” you may ask. Well, within each FastPass hour, Disney breaks the start times into five minute blocks. There are twelve of these blocks every hour, so that means that the actual availability for any given block is 1/12th of the actual hourly allocation. For Space Mountain that makes it 75. Only 75 FastPasses available for any given time slot during the day. So, if you are looking for a family of six, and 71 FastPasses have already been booked at 10:20, then My Disney Experience will say “No Availability.” But there was availability for four. This is the power of “splitting.”

If this sounds complicated, it can be using My Disney Experience. But the Mousekepros Concierge app does “splitting” automatically for you! For more information on our app and pricing, fill out our Contact Form.

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