I wrote on our blog about two weeks explaining our definition of “Concierge.” As I watched today’s episode of “The DIS Unplugged”, this term was used by one of the panel members describing the complexity of Walt Disney World vacations. You can watch the replay of the stream here.

“It seems like something like a concierge model… is really what they need because it’s become so complicated.”

– Ryan Clavin of the DIS Unplugged

That quote sums it up. Even for the most experienced of travelers, the entire process has become extremely complicated and stressful. Choosing a hotel; making dining reservations six months in advance; booking FastPasses two months in advance; the expense; the crowds. Maybe the right word is “overwhelming.” And you are doing all of this to relax and have fun while you are at the resort.

When I rewatched the show, I realized that the panelist had inferred that their travel agency (Dreams Unlimited Travel) uses a “Concierge model.” So, I went to their website and low and behold, they reference “Planning and Concierge Services” that are provided “free of charge.” Of course, I had to go to that page to see what was included.

While they provide full travel agency services for Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line (DCL) and Adventures By Disney, nowhere on the page does it actually use the word “Concierge.” To be fair, they may be generalizing things on this page as because of the number of offerings (they don’t even mention booking advance FastPasses, which is applicable only at WDW). However, they do explicitly say that you will receive a detailed itinerary 10 days before your departure.

Think about it… the last time you hear from them is more than a week BEFORE your vacation even starts! That’s not Concierge. Our detailed itineraries are for the first three hours you are in the parks (because things will certainly change intra-day) and we send them to you the NIGHT BEFORE so that we can adjust to experiences you’ve had in previous days. We are (virtually) with you in the parks, helping you navigate crowds, change plans if necessary and obtain the all important additional FastPasses so that you can avoid waiting in line. You can use our app or send a text message to communicate your needs or ask questions.

I know we’ve said it before, but Concierge provides assistance WHILE you are on vacation… Planning is BEFORE you leave.

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