I am happy to announce that our new and improved Concierge app is available to our clients. We would like to thank everyone who tested out in the parks this summer, and I think you will be excited to see some of the new features that we have added and have planned for the near future.

For those who are not familiar with our app, it is a way for our clients to request their next FastPass while they are in the parks. We display all of the available rides by park with their (near real time) wait times. Any ride that is currently “Down” will show at the top of the list, then the rides with the longest waits, and finally anything that is closed. You simply select the ride you’d like to request, choose who is going to ride (and adjust the priority order of those guests) and select a start time range. Our concierge service will search for availability within the given time frame and break up your group into overlapping times if necessary.

We also have improved upon our app with the way we display “Any Time” Fastpasses and times that overlap as it compares to the My Disney Experience app.

As you can see in the MDE screenshots, two entries are shown for Space Mountain as there are two separate return times. The Mousekepros Concierge app shows this as a single item with overlapping return time of 7:30-8:25pm. The “Multiple Experiences” view on MDE is even more confusing as in this case we had three separate return times for the same attraction. Our Concierge app shows that as a single entry letting you know which original attraction the “Any Time” can be redeemed.

In the concierge app, when you select an item from the “Current FastPass” list, it gives you the opportunity to request a new time. You can request to move times forward or back and your original FastPasses will be held unless and until a matching replacement is found. For the “Any Time” FastPasses, you won’t be able to request a change, but you will see entries for who holds that FastPass. If a member of your party holds more than one “Any Time” for the attraction, his or her name will display for each entitlement held.

We have two features that will be available soon. The first is today’s “Itinerary.” This replaces email communication that our Concierge staff has with visitors to the park. This is primarily for guests who are not familiar with the parks and need step-by-step guidance. We can provide our recommendation of order of attractions with approximate times including breaks, shows and parades. As you things change throughout your day, we will adjust your itinerary and you can view the updates right in the app.

The next feature is a “History” of all of the requests you made for the day, including the status of each. There are times that you may want a particular attraction for a given time period, and there just isn’t any FastPass availability. This “History” area will let you know what we found, what we are still searching for and what we couldn’t find.

While we encourage our clients to use the app, you can still simply text us any request and we will do our best to accommodate it.

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