As we’ve helped clients over the summer and enjoyed their social media posts raving about their experiences with Mousekepros, we’ve seen responses from a few vacation planners who have made the claims “we do that for free.” I can tell you categorically that no vacation planner does what we do for free.

Let’s start with this video from “The Dis Unplugged” (one of our favorites) in which they are discussing the recently announced “Disney Genie.” You can see the video here, but while talking about their travel agency and “Disney Genie” on a recent show:

“The DIS (Dreams Unlimited Travel) has never been this in depth in helping you plan your vacation, like in the moment of being in the parks. Of course we like to try to help you out before you actually travel.”

Craig williams of the dis unplugged

That is as succinct as we could put it. Planners help you BEFORE your vacation; Concierge helps you DURING your vacation.

You can think of us as a virtual VIP tour guide, in a sense. We can book same day FastPasses for you as you use your original “planned” three. We can adjust your itinerary when there are ride closures. We can suggest a dining location for a snack or make a reservation for a meal. If in the heat of the day you need a nap or pool time, we can adjust FastPasses for you. If you decide you want to change plans for an entire day, we will certainly oblige. Anything you need while you are traversing the parks, ask us and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your wish.

So planning and concierge services are not equivalent, but they can certainly complement each other. You can utilize our concierge services whether you plan yourself or use a Disney vacation planner. And there’s always the option to have Mousekepros do your planning… it’s free to our concierge clients!

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