It was the last day of our client’s vacation and they had originally planned to spend it at Hollywood Studios.  Having missed Splash Mountain earlier in their trip (it had broken down), they decided to head back to Magic Kingdom and asked for our help.  The family texted us at 8:38am with the intent to switch parks for the day and requesting that we get them Splash Mountain for four.  The constraint, however, was that they needed to leave the park by noon.

We quickly booked an 11:15am Splash Mountain for the four of them and decided to search for something else fun.  By 9:05am we had also booked Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with a return time of 9:40am (allowing the group to band into the FastPass line at 9:35).  There was obviously no room for another FastPass between those, but as soon as Mine Train was redeemed, we could book the third FastPass of the day.

As soon as Mine Train was redeemed we booked Space Mountain also with a 9:35am return time! Before our group exited Space Mountain, we had moved Splash Mountain up to 10:45. Upon riding that ride, we got split group FastPasses for Pirates of the Caribbean with return of 11:10. We didn't stop there, however, as we were able to get two FastPasses (for the kids) to ride Big Thunder Mountain at 11:45.

At the start of the day, the family had no FastPasses and wasn't planning on going to Magic Kingdom. By the end of there three hour tour, they had redeemed five FastPasses: Mine Train, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Pirates and Thunder Mountain. This is the power of our concierge service.

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