I recently read an article from AllEars.net entitled “Did My Disney Experience Kill Spontaneity at Disney World?” It’s an interesting article and it got me thinking about the fact that we now plan every detail of our Disney World vacations at 30, 60 and even 180 days.Much of the spontaneity is our specialty.

We do encourage every guest of Walt Disney World to have a plan. You should at a minimum have those first three FastPass+ booked. But don’t be afraid to change your plans. Perhaps that first encounter with a character wasn’t as magical as you had hoped it would be. Maybe Splash Mountain sounded like a good idea to your six your old before she saw the big drop. And there are plenty of adults who have backed out of Tower of Terror at the last minute. Plans are made to be broken; spontaneity is our specialty. We can try to fulfill any request that you have.

If out of the blue your child asks, “Can we go on Dumbo?” your response doesn’t have to be “not now, the line is too long” or “sorry, we don’t have a FastPass.” You can simply send a message to Mousekepros Concierge and we will search tirelessly to fulfill your request. Play bus roulette: we can book all three FastPass+ intraday. If a ride is too scary, we can cancel that FastPass+ and request a new one. Perhaps that restaurant you wanted to try was booked solid. We can inquire about last minute cancellations to see if we can get you in. We encourage you to be spontaneous; let us do the work for you.

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