We consider all of our clients to be members of the Mousekepros family.  Our success is directly related to the enjoyment you get while at the Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts.  Customer acquisition is difficult, and while we truly believe that we have a unique and valuable service, we absolutely need your help.  Therefore, we are offering referral bonuses to everyone in the Mousekepros family.

For every customer you bring to us, we will give you up to a $20 credit towards Mousekepros services on your next vacation.  If your credit amount is over your fee amount, we will send you a Disney gift card with the balance!

* New customer must mention you as a referral at the time of inquiry.  The referral bonus is equal to 15% of the price paid by the referral rounded to the nearest $5 with a maximum bonus awarded per referral of $20. Bonus credit will be applied two weeks concluding the referral's vacation.  Any amount over your next service fee will be applied to a Disney gift card and sent to you two weeks prior to your vacation.  This program is also open to our beta testers.
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