We provide these services at no additional cost to our clients for whom who book a Walt Disney World vacation package.  Our work starts months in advance of your Walt Disney World vacation.  Choosing the right hotel and ticket, picking the parks you are going to visit each day and where you are going to eat can be an overwhelming task even for a Walt Disney World veteran.  These things can take months to work through, and we are there with you to guide you through the process.

Dining Reservations

Walt Disney World restaurants take reservations 60 days in advance.  With decreased capacity and physical distancing requirements, several restaurants will actually have little to no availability when you have the opportunity to book.  If you intend to eat at one or more of the table service establishments, you will want to secure that reservation as early as possible.  If you cannot find availability at the restaurant you want, our Dining Finder can track down availability after someone cancels.

Hotel and Resort Options

There are 25 Disney owned resorts and dozens of other hotels on or near Disney property.   Additionally, there are hundreds of vacation villas off property that offer a wide variety of accommodations fitting different group sizes and budgets.  We can help you make sense of your options and aid in the booking process.

If you choose a Walt Disney World resort hotel, we can book that for you.  We commit to continually looking for the best rate available to help you save time and money on your vacation.

Park Passes

Walt Disney World now requires a Park Pass in addition to a theme park ticket to gain entry into their parks.  We can book for our guests and we also have a tool that will find availability and automatically book a Park Pass for you and your group!

Ticket Recommendations

There are dozens of Walt Disney World ticket options to choose from.  Now that date-based ticket pricing has started, it has become even more confusing.  We can help in picking and purchasing the right ticket for each member of your group as some tickets come with additional benefits.  We can also help with special ticketed events, specialty cruises and more.

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